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1. Is English the only subject you teach?

No. I also teach basic math, algebra, geometry, biology, and history. Some of these items appear on CBEST, CSET: English, SAT, ACT, GRE, HSPT, IELTS, U.S. Naturalization, and other tests, so it helps to keep my academic aresenal full so that I can increase students’ knowledge bases, which helps them perform better on tests (and move through the world with clairty), and spend less money on higher education or lower their risks of being cheated as they move through life.

2. Do you serve adults and children?

Yes and no. I cater to adults and teens (ages 12+). Middleschool students, high school students, college students, greencard holders, and adults who want to learn English or other subjects for fun — these are my core customers.

For anyone under age 12 or who hasn’t reached middleschool, you’d probably be better off looking for a tutor specializing in elementary education.

3. Do you offer private lessons or do you offer group lessons?

Private and group lessons are offered. The largest number of students for groups is 10, and all members must be operate at the same ability level.

4. Do you offer discounts?

Normally, I offer a 10% referral discount, a 10% group discount, and a 10% family discount. Discounts may not be combined.

When deep discounts are offered, as is the case with my Recession-Proof Pricing Program (thank you, COVID), further discounts are not applied.

5. Why am I required to pay a registration fee?

Submitting your non-refundable registration fee signals your sincerity in working with me, and it encourages you to stick wtih your program.

6. What are my payment options?

I ask that you pay your fees online, by money order, or traveler’s check; cash is accepted on a case-by-case basis. Carrying cash poses a safety threat to me (and you, too), so posting your payments online saves us all a few headaches. Stripe, which has outstanding security, processes the payments. I am not privvy to your payment information. I use Paypal, too.

7. When are payments due?

Payments are due before your session begins. I don’t book sessions until payments are received and cleared. Sorry. That’s how I protect my time and ensure that I’m sharing my expertise with serious students.

8. Do you offer financing options or payment plans?

Sorry, but I don’t.

9. Why do you have a toll-free telephone number?

Long story short, at one time, I thought it was a good idea to project an ultra-established image; I thought I needed to appear bigger than I really am. That foolishness doesn’t appeal to me, anymore, but because so many folks have my toll-free number, I’m afraid to part with it.

10. If I want private English lessons, can I skip the outings?

No. Nope. Rara. Meiyou. Nein. Nao.

Outings are an integral part of what EMM offers. They provide students with safe, practical learning experiences, and they break the monotony of being stuck in a conventional classroom setting. At first, some students are afraid to participate in the outings, but once we are out, students break out of their shells and have a great time. Some remain nervous, though. In the end, their English-speaking and listening skills improve.

Going into the field also gives me an idea of how much students are learning and what I can do to help them continue to learn.

Again, outings can not be skipped. You may be dropped as a student if you skip outings, and your payment WILL NOT be refunded.

11. How much do textbooks cost?

For now, there are no textbooks. You’ll take copious notes, so have a notebook (preferably a three-ring binder, which is easy to organize) and some pens or pencils ready.

12. Do you issue student visas?

I do not. I want to, but my operation is too small to warrant the federal government’s seal of approval. Sorry.

13. Do you provide room and/or board?

Sorry, but I don’t. It’d be nice to partner with people, organizations, or businesses that do.

14. My child’s school offers free tutoring and test prep. Why should I pay you for it?

Free tutoring is great, and if it’s working (meaning your baby understands what’s being taught), I say stick with it. However, if your student’s current regimen is not as effective as you know it should or could be, I’m here. Call or email me.

15. How many hours of tutoring or test prep should my student expect to receive?

On average, students need a minimum of 20 hours of in-session help. I won’t know, for sure, until I test the student and work with him or her for a few sessions.

16. Do you conduct home sessions?

Not usually. I only visit students’ homes on a strict case-by-case basis. Safety first.

17. Is there homework?

If you’ve selected the “with homework” option, yes. If you’ve selected the “no homework” option, no.

18. What is the turn around time for document proofing or editing?

Depending on the length of your document, the level of service you need, and the number and length of jobs I’m already handling, it may take anywhere between two days and one month. When you submit your document for review, I’ll give you a definite completion date, then you can decide if that works for you.

19. Will you just take a look at my work and give me a few hints?

I surely will–just as soon as you submit your project deposit.

20. I went to college, so I know I can write. Why do I need you?

For some folks, college grads included, writing is just not a strength. I’ve seen too many important documents marred by typos, faulty punctuation, warring nouns and verbs, or malaprops. In turn, I’ve seen folks lose opportunities because of those mistakes. Set yourself up to be taken seriously. Let somebody look at your work.

21. How do refunds, reschedules, or cancelations work?

If — for ANY reason — you can’t attend a session of any kind, you need to email me no more than 36 hours before the start of your session to cancel or reschedule. Otherwise, you’ll forfeit the entire cost of the session.

Likewise, if I fail to honor that 36-hour rule — for ANY reason — I’ll owe you a refund. For accountability/work group sessions, in addition to a refund, registrants will receive one free session if I fail to honor the aforementioned 36-hour rule.

Although I process refunds immediately, the payment processor and/or your bank take a little longer to get things together, so you may not receive your money for ten (10) business days.

22. Who owns English, Math, and More?

Kenisha Carr — a black, African American, female tutor — is the sole proprietor of English, Math, and More.


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My approach

I’m concerned when students earn A’s and B’s at school are not able to earn at least 1050 on the SAT or 40 on the CBEST, or who take an English/ESL course but cannot (or are afraid to) speak English when necessary to meet a goal.

Focusing on students’ different learning goals, abilities, and interests helps me boost students’ confidence, which helps them achieve their academic goals. Knowing tricky grammatical or mechanical principles may not be necessary in communicating basic ideas, but that knowledge makes a big difference in students’ class placements. It can make an even bigger difference when competing for business opportunities, college placements, or scholarships. Show me a rightly placed exponent, colon, or preposition, and I’ll show you the money.

Some tools of the trade:

  1. Written and oral assessments – gauge strengths and weaknesses

  2. Experiential practices – give students a chance to show what they know in real time

  3. Student teaching time – boosts students’ confidence and gauges students’ comfort with material

Commitment Needed From Customers:

  1. Substantial time and energy into gaining the best results

  2. Mental Shifts
  3. Punctuality

  4. Authenticity

  5. Habitual Shifts