Private Tutoring
for Adults and Teens

-Available to anyone online, but available for
in-person reading and writing tutoring in
Downtown and East Oakland

-Begin with a comprehensive diagnostic session

-Continue with comprehensive instruction and practice

-1-to-1 or small group

-Advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels

-Help for native English speakers and English language learners

-Prompt and consistent meetings

-Zero empty promises

-Available for early-morning, evening, and holiday scheduling


▶ Basic Math
▶ (Pre)Algebra I/II
▶ Beg. Trigonometry
▶ Geometry


▶ Grammar
▶ Composition
▶ Literature
▶ History of English Language


▶ Biology
▶ English Lang. Arts
▶ Reading Comp.
▶ Essay Writing

If you can relate to any of the following
7 scenarios:

  1. You’re not sure you’re on the right track.
    Although your preferred universities focus on more than perfect SAT/ACT/GRE scores and high GPAs, you want to make yourself as competitive as possible to qualify to receive merit-based scholarships/fellowships or admissions, but you’re not sure you’re studying correctly.

  2. You earn A’s and B’s — even at private school — but something’s off.
    Although you earn high marks, are praised for how smart you are, and/or attend a well-regarded public or private school, you have trouble doing well on tests, but you don’t know why. There’s a chance, too, that you know — deep down — you’re missing something.

  3. You’re embarrassed by not knowing what you think you should.
    You’re embarrassed about falling behind or about not performing at grade level or age level. You want to fill your learning gaps, but you’re too proud to ask for help because you’re an adult or teen and — as everyone else says — “you should know this stuff by now”. Right?

  4. You want to work ahead of the curve.
    You do well in school, but you know there’s more to learn, and you want to figure out what that is and master it.

  5. You need to catch up in class.
    You feel yourself falling behind, or you notice that your grades have taken a dip. You’re afraid of failing.

  6. In the past, you’d tried tutoring, but the tutor frequently missed appointments.
    Maybe you’ve hired a private math, private reading, or private writing tutor, but he or she frequently missed appointments or was chronically late.

  7. You’ve had a tutor who either didn’t know the material or didn’t know how to help you learn it.
    You didn’t get the help you thought you needed, and your time, money, and hope went to waste by someone who didn’t know how to be honest about the bounds of his or her capabilities.

…and you’re ready to make a few shifts in your thinking to
augment your reading or writing,
we should meet.

There’s competent, consistent, and compassionate (but firm, as noted by one of my favorite customers) help available to you. The same ol’, same ol’ isn’t dished out, here. My methods aren’t always new and exciting, but they’ll pay off if you’re WILLING TO WORK.

Wait, wait, wait: before going any further, how much do reading or writing sessions cost?


Registration Fee*

One-time cost of processing your application (e.g., appointment scheduling, classroom set up, test set up)

No Homework*

Diagnostic Session*
Personalized Learning Plan
Exit Exam
No Homework
Zero Last-Minute Reschedules

Add Homework*

Diagnostic Session*
Personalized Learning Plan
Exit Exam
Zero Last-Minute Reschedules

*Diagnostic sessions are billed at $49 per hour. Session lengths range from 1.5 to 5.5 hours and are established before appointments for diagnostic sessions are finalized.


  • Professional academic coaching from an experienced and personable tutor who’s been in business since 2011 (but has 21+ years experience) with a reputation for helping students get the results they need

  • Consistent, reliable service and guidance

  • Accountability mechanisms that ensure you do what you need to do

  • Personalized program driven by a comprehensive diagnostic session

  • 1-to-1 or small group availability

  • Appropriate guidance for advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels

  • English language mastery for both native English speakers and English language learners

  • Prompt and consistent meetings

  • Zero empty promises

  • Early-morning, evening, and holiday availability

  • In-person reading and writing tutoring in The Bay Area’s Downtown or East Oakland, California regions

  • Online reading and writing tutoring available to anyone with internet access

Private Math Coaching for Adults & Teens

  • Basic Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • College Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Beginning Trigonometry

  • Intermediate Trigonometry

  • Beginning Statistics

  • HSPT Math & Quant

  • GRE Math (Quant)

  • SAT Math
  • ACT Math
  • CBEST Math
  • Praxis Core Math
  • GED Math
  • Business Math

Check out case studies of customers who’ve benefited from math coaching.

Private English Language Arts Coaching for Adults & Teens

  • Reading from Scratch
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Close Reading
  • Reading Stamina
  • Vocabulary Augmentation
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Diction
  • Writing Mechanics
  • Essay Development
  • Writing Stamina
  • Style Development
  • Paper Formatting
  • Critical Analysis
  • College Composition
  • AP Composition
  • AP Literature
  • US Literature
  • African American Literature
  • British Literature
  • History of the English Language

If consciously applied, the help you get here will boost understanding in other subjects and help you perform well on tests such as SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Reading, ACT Writing, GRE Reading, GRE Writing, CBEST Reading, CBEST Writing, Praxis Core Reading, Praxis Core Writing, US Naturalization Reading, US Naturalization Writing, US Naturalization Speaking, ASVAB Reading, ASVAB Writing, GED Reading, and GED Writing.

Of course, for current students, improving your grades is important, but remember that grades can be subjective (as some of you already know). Here, I want to help you earn high marks, but, more importantly, I want you to develop or sharpen reading-related skills that empower you to stand toe-to-toe with nearly anyone, in nearly any situation, and mentally digest whatever’s presented to you and make decisions—especially grave, life-impacting decisions—based on correct interpretation of the written word.

Check out case studies of customers who’ve benefited from reading and/or writing coaching.

Meet Your Reading and Writing Tutor:
Kenisha Carr

Kenisha helps adults and teens turn English and other academic subjects into tools for personal and financial success by closing their understanding gaps or helping them intellectually reach beyond what’s offered at school. Got a test you keep failing? She can help you pass—


Her specialty is English language arts (i.e., writing: advanced grammar and composition; reading: fluency and advanced comprehension; speaking: fluency, pronunciation, and listening), but she has a knack for effectively helping teens and adults make sense of arithmetic, basic and intermediate algebra, basic trigonometry, geometry, and other subjects. Let’s not forget her eagle eyes and the nimble fingers that aid her in sprucin’ up documents for professionals and graduate students.

With 21+ years in the education arena, an appreciation of different learning modalities, and a love of cross-curricular teaching, Kenisha’s developed proven approaches to strategically helping her customers earn more scholarship dollars, gain membership to their preferred schools or programs, get or keep their teaching jobs, improve their writing, get a solid grasp of math, earn US citizenship, and develop or improve their ability to communicate in English.

“My granddaughter has benefitted greatly from the loving (but firm) support Kenisha has given her. I am grateful for Kenisha’s attention to detail and excellent follow-up, which helped my granddaughter organize her work and believe in herself.”


I’m sorry, but I can only determine that after meeting for a diagnostic session. When you visit a competent doctor, he or she runs tests, asks questions, and observes you before trying to help you make improvements. Well, the same is true for the work I do. I can’t help you until after I’ve figured out what’s going on with you.

Depending on your preference and availability, we’ll meet at one of three locations in Downtown Oakland, or we’ll meet at an East Oakland location.

Home visits occur on a ridiculously strict case-by-case basis. They cost a bit more, too, to accommodate for travel time, gas, and vehicle wear.

Typically, though, the answer is “no”.

I work with them on a strict case-by-case basis. Working with older children and adults is easier for me.

Ready to start?


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