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Don’t have enough in the piggy bank for a comprehensive tutoring or test prep regimen?

Need help, but your schedule’s too hectic to fuss with regularly scheduled tutoring or test prep appointments?

Need a personalized guide that gives a glimpse into specific weaknesses, strengths, and actions to take so that you can study alone?

You’re in the right place.

If a tutoring or test prep program will not work for you, I can help you figure out what you should be studying so you can start making progress.

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How Does It Work?

We follow an intake process similar to the one followed by my tutoring and test prep customers.* You’ll sit for a formal and exam, observation, and interview. Within 4 to 14 days, you’ll receive a written report of your weaknesses, strengths, and actions to take.**

Pricing Online
Registration Fee: $49 + $537 – $1,925/total session fee

Registration Fee: $49 + $638 – $2,202/total session fee


Some folks need neither a tutor nor test prep coach — and that’s okay.

When you’re ready to get a little help steering your self-coaching boat

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Frequently Asked Questions

* Your report is more detailed than the ones typically received from major testing companies; think about the report you get after taking SAT, Praxis, or your specific state’s yearly achievement test. However, even though the report you get from me is more detailed than what you’re used to seeing, it won’t be as wildly detailed as the ones I generate to create curricula for my tutoring and test prep customers.

**I am not a psychometrist. I cannot diagnose learning disorders or mental health issues. I can mention suspicions, but you need to see a trained professional to get an official diagnosis. If you’ve already received an official diagnosis from a trained professional, information related to the diagnosis will be considered in developing your action recommendations.

An hourly fee is multiplied by the number of hours it’ll take to complete the formal exam, interview session, research, typing, and editing.

Half an hour

My secret sauce gives me a competitive edge. I can’t afford to give away everything. Sorry for being heartless.

No. Go right ahead. As a matter of fact, this service was created with this very thing in mind.

If you work better with another tutor or if another tutor is more affordable but needs a little guidance, by all means, show your report to this person so you can get the help you need.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Complete the registration application. The registration fee is $49 and must be received and cleared before your application is processed.
  2. Within two (2) business days, you’ll receive a call or email from me for booking a diagnostic session.
  3. Decide if meeting online or in-person is better for you. If you’d like to meet in person, we’ll meet at one of three Downtown Oakland locations, an East Oakland location, or an Alameda location.
  4. After we meet for our diagnostic session, I’ll take inventory of your test responses, interview responses, and supplemental documents (if you have them). Next, I’ll use that information to develop a written report of your weaknesses, strengths, and actions to take.
  5. Depending on your specific situation, you may receive and begin using your report in as little as 4 days, but it may take as many as 14 days.

You ready?