Shame-Free, Private English and Math Tutoring
and Test Prep for Adults & Teens

-Available to anyone online, but available for
in-person reading and writing tutoring in
Downtown and East Oakland

-Begin with a comprehensive diagnostic session

-Continue with comprehensive instruction and practice

-1-to-1 or small group

-Advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels

-Help for native English speakers and English language learners

-Prompt and consistent meetings

-Zero empty promises

-Available for early-morning, evening, and holiday scheduling

If you are a(n) adult or teen:

  • Graduate Student
  • Undergraduate Student
  • High School Student
  • Middle School Student
  • Blue-Collar Professional
  • White-Collar Professional
  • Everyday Hard Worker Tryin’ to Get Ahead
  • English Language Learner
  • Person of Leisure

…And you want or need to do one or more of these:

  • Improve your GRE, HSPT, SAT, ACT, CBEST, CSET: English, Praxis CORE, IELTS, or U.S. Naturalization (Citizenship) Exam scores
  • Learn advanced grammar and writing mechanics
  • Position yourself to earn more scholarship or grant dollars
  • Determine how to respond to what native speakers of English are truly saying

…And You are Ready To:

  • Use some mental elbow grease
  • Move beyond just jumpin’ through hoops to “look” smart
  • Be vulnerable enough to trust me with the knowledge gaps that annoy or embarrass you
  • Use new and old learning methods, depending on what really helps you learn
Check out Nataly's experience to get the nitty gritty about what it’s like
—from a customer who doesn’t sugar coat the truth—
to get private online math and writing tutoring.
Feel free to settle in, grab some snacks, and get into it!
This sucker’s a long one, but it pretty much covers all you need to know.
Listening to the audio while working may be your best bet (if you're busy).


Develop different modes of thinking and prioritizing to set yourself up for success, fill learning gaps, get ahead of a learning curve, or make changes in how you process information. Shift from feeling shame and anxiety to feeling pride in proactively and effectively improving reading, writing, speaking, test performance, and goal achievement.
Comprehensive Diagnostic Session

For 1.5 – 5.5 hours, depending on your situation, we’ll meet for a formal testing session, which is followed by two-way Q&A to help determine if we may be a good fit for each other. Hey, not everything is for everyone.

Personalized Success Formulas

Instead of memorizing answers from that one study guide that works for colleagues or friends but not for you, I strengthen your weak areas by creating personalized material based on your habits, goals, and needs.

Honest Fit, No Baloney Guarantee

To help you make the most of your resources, I only take on customers I’m certain I can help. If you need help with an exam or subject I know nothing about, or if our modes of operating won’t mesh well, I let you know, up front.


Modern Language Association

National Association of Mathematicians

National Tutoring Association

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Additional Advantages

  • Stop feeling inferior to neighbors, classmates, or coworkers
  • Feel confident in your ability to substantially contribute to conversations and group projects
  • Enjoy the comfort of finishing what you’ve started
  • Set yourself up to open more doors in your personal and/or professional life by improving in academic, testing, or other areas while working with me
  • Position yourself to choose which jobs you will or won’t take or which schools you will or won’t attend
  • Reduce arguments with parents, children, spouses , or other loved ones concerned about your personal and/or professional well-being
  • No more worrying that you’re going to get kicked out of school or lose your job
  • No more cowering in class when your name is called
  • No more duckin’ co-workers or fellow alums who’ve been able to pass tests and get to (and keep) the jobs and promotions that seem out of reach for you

Several Verifiable Successes

This list isn’t exhaustive, and some of these tools are more helpful than others, but they all serve their purposes in helping me to help you.

**NOTE: I am NOT compensated, in any way, by any representative of any of these resources.**

Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m sorry, but I can only determine that after meeting for a diagnostic session.

When you visit a competent doctor, he or she runs tests, asks questions, and observes you before trying to help you make improvements. Well, the same is true for the work I do. I can’t help you until after I’ve figured out what’s going on with you.

What I can tell you is that, on average, customers use 20 hours.

  1. Customer completes application and submits application fee.
  2. Customer and Kenisha agree on date for diagnostic session.
  3. Customer reserves diagnostic session date.
  4. Customer and Kenisha meet for diagnostic session.
  5. One (1) to five (5) days after days after diagnostic, customer and Kenisha meet for first lesson.

You’ll have a choice of about four (4) places to meet, in Downtown Oakland, and one (1) place to meet in East Oakland.

Home visits occur on a ridiculously strict case-by-case basis. They cost a bit more, too, to accommodate for travel time, gas, and vehicle wear.

No. It is a coincidence that I only have photos and recordings of past customers who are speakers of Spanish and Chinese. I’ve worked with speakers of French, Brazilian Portuguese, Wolof, Pulaar, and Kiswahili.

Tutoring & Test Prep Sessions: $49 – $59 per hour

English Lessons: $49 – $59 per hour

Accountability Sessions: $9 per session (Sessions last 2 hours.)

Proofreading: $.02 – $.05 per word

Editing: $.03 – $.06 per word

Audio Transcription: $1.99 – $3.99 per minute

Meet Your Tutor, Test Prep Coach, and Wordsmith:
Kenisha Carr

Kenisha helps adults and teens turn English and other academic subjects into tools for personal and financial success by closing their understanding gaps. Got a test you keep failing? She can help you pass—


Her specialty is English language arts (i.e., writing, reading: fluency and comprehension, speaking: fluency, pronunciation, and listening), but she has a knack for effectively helping teens and adults make sense of basic math, algebra, basic trigonometry, and other subjects. Let’s not forget her eagle eyes and the nimble fingers that aid her in sprucin’ up documents for professionals and adult students.

With over 22 years in the education arena, an appreciation of different learning modalities, and a love of cross-curricular teaching, Kenisha’s developed proven approaches to strategically helping her customers earn more scholarship dollars, gain membership to their preferred schools or programs, get or keep their teaching jobs, improve their writing, get a solid grasp of math, earn US citizenship, and develop or improve their ability to communicate in English.


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