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If you’re completing this application for someone else, such as a child, student, employee, or friend, enter that person’s name and your relationship to the person. Also, complete the remaining fields as if you were the person for whom the application is being completed. If you’re completing the application for someone else, enter “self”.
Individual or Group Application?
Groups of two or more receive a 10% discount per person, and group members must operate at the same level.
If applying as a group, please list all group members’ names.
If applying as a group, each group member needs to submit a separate application.
You are applying for:
Be sure to include the area code. Include a country code if located outside the United States of America.
The answer seems obvious, but it is usually different for everyone. Please, be sure to answer this question.
If you don’t know EXACTLY when you’ll be able to start, it is okay to guess. If possible, list a specific date.
Having this information ensures that I don’t plan activities that are too physically discomforting.
How did find English, Math & More?
I know this question is annoying, but answering helps me determine how to improve my marketing efforts. Teaching’s my strength. Marketing is not.
Registration Fee(s)
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This fee needs to be submitted before the processing of your application and scheduling of your diagnostic session.

The application fee:
1. Covers time spent evaluating your application and arranging your diagnostic session.
2. Signals your seriousness.
3. Will be credited to your account after your tenth (10th) session.
4. Is non-refundable.

CREDIT: The application fee will be credited to your account after you complete your tenth (10th) session. Think of it as earning a free session.

DROPPING THE BALL: This registration is valid only for 30 days. If you submit an application and registration fee but fail to move forward with the rest of the process, beginning Day 31, you will need to reapply and resubmit an additional registration fee. Your original registration fee will not be refunded.

NEXT STEPS: After your application and registration fee are received, almost immediately, you will receive a generic confirmation and receipt. Within two (2) business days, you will receive a personalized email that contains instructions for scheduling your diagnostic session. OPEN AND RESPOND TO THE EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you do not schedule and complete your diagnostic session within 30 days, you will forfeit your current application and processing fee. You will need to re-apply (i.e., complete another application and processing fee).

Contact Kenisha (; 510-495-0687; 888-867-1441;) with any concerns. For legal purposes and convenience, emailing is preferred, but calls are still welcomed. Thanks.
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