I like learning. Naw -- I LOVE learning, and I love helping other folks learn, too. The following core values reflect that.

Core Values

College can be great, but–

Attending college was one of the best things to happen to me, but preaching the “you’ll-go-to-hell-if-you-don’t-get-a-degree” gospel is a crock. Still, that doesn’t mean academia is for naught.
College is not the end all be all. It can be wonderful, and I’ll help you get there or keep you from dropping out, but vocational and entrepreneurial routes are great, too.

We don’t just go through the motions.

You know how you’re used to gettin’ away with murder because you behave nicely? You know how teachers let you off the hook when you don’t know an answer, finish your sentences, or let you ramble until you say something that kind of sounds correct or sounds eloquent? Used to gettin’ credit just for writin’ some stuff on your worksheet?
That won’t work here. It’ll be uncomfortable, but you’ll HAVE TO LEARN. You’ll have to prove that you know what you know. I can’t, otherwise, help you get what you want.

Math is life.

Say it with me:
Math is not my enemy.
Math is not my enemy.
Math is not my enemy.
It’s just another language, some of which you latently know. It’s only your enemy when other folks know you don’t know it and are able to use it against you.

Here, authenticity isn’t a buzzword.

Being marble mouthed doesn’t make you stupid, and sitting absolutely still while nodding “yes” to everything I say doesn’t make you smart.
I appreciate your desire to well-behaved, but I need you to be real.
It’s easier to learn if you don’t make your mind do the extra work of pretending to be someone you’re not for the sake of trying to impress me, some chick you’ll only see a few hours a week. Help us both out and be the real you.

“The power’s in believin’/So give yourself a chance.”

Yes, that’s an MJ quote, and yes, you — Y-O-U — are capable of outperforming your previous self (and your peers, if that’s your thing). You just have to believe it and work your butt off, of course.
False confidence may be your norm, but you’ll experience a shift as your learning gaps fill and you’re able to make sense of concepts that usually give you the blues. This takes longer for some folks, but you’ll get there.

The fast food approach doesn’t work around here.

Sorry, but you won’t necessarily have it your way.
We’ll collaborate, but my leanings on you are limited, which may be difficult to accept, especially in a world where we’re used to ordering nearly anything we want and shunning things we don’t.
Expect having to do things you don’t want to do.

Honesty goes a long way.

For the love of all that’s good in this world, please, keep your lies to yourself. They don’t help here. Lying about learning differences isn’t helpful. Lying about whether or not you’ve done your homework isn’t helpful. Lying about your intended test date(s) isn’t helpful.
Your actions affect the structuring of your program, individual session structure, and the overall outcome of our time together. Being dishonest leads us down counterproductive paths, so I part ways with customers who struggle with honesty.

We push past biases and other baloney.

Yes, there are societal biases that can affect testing performance. BUMP THEM! Let’s get these elevated scores, grades, jobs, promotions, raises, and scholarship dollars!
See a roadblock? Go around it.
Cards stacked against you? Grab some scissors or matches.
Tired of detours and bonfires? I am too, but that won’t stop me from cuttin’ down or burnin’ up some stuff to help you move forward.

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