About EMM

What In the World Does English, Math & More Do?

Since 2011, EMM has been in the business of delivering adults and teens shame-free, private tutoring, English lessons, and test prep, helping them pass academic courses and high stakes professional or school entrance exams (e.g., Praxis, CSET, CBEST, GRE, SAT, ACT, HSPT, IELTS, and US Naturalization). Sometimes, customers are stretched in unfamiliar ways that help them learn stuff they’ve gotten away with not knowing (or unlearning grammatical, mathematical, or pedagogical information and methods that are just straight up incorrect or harmful). Some customers just want to get ahead of the curve or enrich themselves to get a personal sense of satisfaction, and that’s okay, too.

The Story of English, Math & More

Which Way to Go?
Well, after leaving full-time teaching in early-2010, EMM’s owner, Kenisha, temped at Google for a year before taking a month-long trip to Dakar, Senegal. Knowing that she’s not a conventional vacationing kind of girl, she decided to spend time language swapping: she tried learning Wolof and French in exchange for offering English lessons. She never thought it would happen, but Kenisha fell in love with teaching again, which shouldn’t’ve been a surprise. As an old acquaintance of hers told her: “You’ll always be a teacher. It’s who you are.”

A Little Motivation
Between that, issues at a niece’s school (such as her eight-year-old niece being dressed by her grandmother, for Halloween, as a member of The Black Panther Party but thinking she’d been a gang banger for Halloween because her teacher taught her class that members of The Black Panther Party for Self Defense were gang bangers with afros), and being frustrated by some issues occurring at her nephew’s school that could’ve been curbed with extra support at home, Kenisha found herself blabbing’, nearly nonstop, about learning.

A Swift Kick in the Behind
After listening to her complain one-too-many times, an aunt suggested that Kenisha “go get a small businessman’s loan and start [her] own education company.” No applications were ever submitted for a business loan, but Kenisha did find information about business development programs. In 2011, she joined one.

Starting the Service
That year, English, Math & More (or, EMM) was started as Fill Me In English Language Services. The initial intention was to offer English language lessons to speakers of languages other than English. As life would have it, though, between 2011 and 2014, Kenisha’s customer base became (mostly) filled by English-speaking adults who wanted help for themselves or their children that included math education, test preparation, accountability coaching, and editing. They needed the help, and Kenisha needed the business, so off they went, and here she is still helping folks — English speakers and non-English speakers, alike — leap over learning-, language-, and goal-related hurdles.

Additional Notes

To help me help you, please, please, please understand that:

  1. Another tutor may be more suitable if you’re looking for a quick fix.

  2. I need you to include your intended start date in your first email. Your intended date may change, and that’s okay.

  3. I can only help you if I know what help you need. Therefore, I give diagnostic exams to everyone at the posted hourly rate — no exceptions.

  4. Messages sent during holidays, weekends, or evenings may not receive responses until the next one or two business days. Hold tight. I’m comin’.

Thanks for understanding.