Educator and Culture Critic Lands Spot Clark Atlanta's Graduate School of Political Science

At a Glance


  • Effectively highlighting and organizing ideas presented in original draft

  • Determining application requirements and submission deadlines


  • Documents submitted in time for fall acceptance

  • Acceptance to graduate program

  • Word Count: 624 + printing & shipping


Document Design and Comprehensiveness of Content
Although her documents were created with one recipient in mind, Dehjah will be proud (and rightfully so) to modify and present them, if need be, to other schools, organizations, or employers, without worrying about quality.

Professional Success
Hailey sincerely wants to help elementary school students, especially those who struggle more than others. She’s taken another step toward living that dream.

Entry to Preferred Program
Dehjah’s moving toward her dream of positively shaping the nations educational policies. The boost in confidence she gets from being able to do this work in a place she relishes is a boon to her.


Dehjah’s a repeat customer who’d hired me to help her successfully prepare for and pass CBEST Math. This go ’round, she needed help editing he resume and letter of intent, as she planned to dip her toe in the Educational Policy font; she planned to develop her skills at Clark Atlanta University’s Graduate School of Political Science.


Dehjah made an initial query February 9, 2021. The assignment was split into two parts: redesigning and editing her resume and editing her personal statement. The new design of the resume was approved by Dehjah before I began modifying text.

I interviewed Dehjah to get specific information about contributions to previous places of employment and community organizations at which she’d volunteered. I needed to know her specific reasons for choosing Clark Atlanta, what she hoped to get from the place, and what she planned to contribute to it.

Afterward, I did a bit of research on Clark Atlanta’s history, general admissions requirements for graduate students, and specific requirements for political science majors. To get a solid sense of what to highlight in the revisions, I reached out to a representative at Clark Atlanta, which Dehjah seemed to appreciate: “Thank you for taking the time to consider all options. And thank you and for reaching out to Clark! I really appreciate it!!”

After several rounds of revisions to the text and cut of the documents — apparently, extending graphics to the edges of paper is uncommon for letter-sized documents, but I thank my local printer for hookin’ us up — I was able to ship Dehjah her updated resume and letter of intent.


May 2, 2021, Dehjah notified me of her acceptance to Clark Atlanta.

In the Customer's Words

“I absolutely love it!!!!!!! This is the best it’s ever been!!! It looks amazing and 100% improvement.

I wanted to update you about Clark….well I got into the Political Science Doctoral Program!!!! Thank you so much for your support and help with this. I appreciate you forever!!!”

-Dehjah Vaughn, Graduate Student


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