Graceful Future Shaper Finally Passes CBEST Writing After Three Attempts

At a Glance


  • Brevity

  • Clarity

  • Mechanics

  • Sustained focus


  • Passed CBEST Writing

  • Scaled Score: Unknown

  • Hours Purchased: 22.42


Remains in Credentialing Program
Aiesha continues to season herself as a teacher, and all the work she’s done to get into and remain in her profession won’t go to waste.

Keeps Teaching Job
Aiesha continues earning a living doing the thing she loves: helping teens learn and begin creating the lives they want.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety
She has one less worry to consider in her daily life and is mentally free to focus on completing other credential-related tasks.


While simultaneously working full-time, sponsoring student-led clubs, and maintaining family balance, Ms. Richmond also worked to pass CBEST so that she could continue teaching in the system through which she’d passed: San Francisco Unified (SFU). She decided to get help preparing to pass the writing portion because she’d already failed 3 times, and the preparation services offered by SFU were not enough to sustain her.

Aiesha made first contact with me October 20, 2020. She admits, “I needed one-on-one help. The group thing, even small groups, doesn’t work for me. I decided to pay for a private tutor because it’s what I needed.”


After her diagnostic session, which lasted 4.5 hours, she began the first of 22.42 hours on October 27, 2020. Initially, she’d planned to tackle reading and writing simultaneously, but getting a win as soon as possible is important under these circumstances, so writing was mastered first.

Before meeting me, she’d scheduled her next test for December 5, 2020, but that would’ve left us with only 4.5 weeks to prepare. Because Aiesha could meet 1 to 2 hours per week, we wouldn’t have enough learning and processing time between October 27th and December 5th to prepare. The date was pushed back.

Focusing on thought leaders, books, political issues, and entertainers that interest her, we worked on filtering what seemed like more erudite language in way that allowed her to get to the heart of her thoughts and still express herself in a way that allowed her voice to shine throughout her writing. After getting into the flow of writing and revising, Aiesha became more comfortable with the process. She writes, “I appreciate Kenisha’s method of tutoring. She allowed me to write in my own voice and encouraged me not to worry about edits until the end. Her method helped me [produce] an incredible paper! Thank you Kenisha!”


Aiesha sat for and passed CBEST Writing March 24 2021.

In the Customer's Words

“…I did receive my scores and I passed. YAY!…I am super happy to have done well and more than anything, I appreciate you tutoring me and helping me pass the writing part of the test.”

-Aiesha Richmond, Reading Comprehension Teacher, Vallejo, CA


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