English Major and Focused High School Teacher Passes CSET English 2 on Third Attempt

At a Glance


  • Advanced prescriptive grammar

  • History of English language

  • Linguistic


  • Passed CSET English 2

  • Scaled Score: N/A

  • Hours Purchased: 14.67


Able to Move Forward with Certification
After this exam, Alina needed only to pass one more test and focus on completing the monstrous California EDTPA.


Previously, to prepare for CSET English 2, Alina subscribed to a popular self-guided test-prep site. After earning a passing score on the site’s exit exam, she felt confident in her ability to pass the official test — the one administered by The State of California. Unfortunately, Alina failed the official test twice.

According to her official score report, Alina correctly answered most questions related to Acquisition & Development of Language & Literacy and Grammatical Structures of English but struggled a bit with Human Language Structures. After meeting with Alina on July 10, 2020 for a 2.5-hour diagnostic session, it became clear that Alina needed help with all three areas.


We worked to solidify her knowledge of each area to ensure her ability to correctly answer as many questions as possible in each domain. Although she’d majored in English, her alma mater hadn’t required her to take some of the courses that would’ve given her access to the information she needed for better understanding English language and passing CSET 2. The knowledge she had gained had faded a bit.

Our first learning session took place July 13, 2020. We dove into the history of the English language, grammar, composition, rhetoric, linguistics, and educational psychology. Alina religiously completed all homework assignments, regardless of content granularity. “I know I have to buckle down and focus. I’m glad you’re here to help hold me accountable for getting all this done”, Alina once shared.

Over six weeks, we met 2 to 3 times per week; each session lasted an hour, with our last session being held on August 24, 2020.


To pass CSET exams, test takers must earn a minimum of 220 (on a 100 – 300 scale); results are listed only as “Pass” or “Fail”. No scaled score’s provided.

August 25, 2020, Alina sat for and passed CSET English 2.

In the Customer's Words

“I left every session knowing I’d learned something new, and that I’d added to my list of skills and knowledge I needed in order to pass my exam. There’s a reason for every question she asks you, and every answer you come up with connects to one or more concepts you have covered, are currently covering, or will cover in the future. And when you feel you just can’t get the answer to a question, she’ll give you the gentle push you need until you get there—or if you get it wrong, she’s not afraid to point out where you went wrong. She’ll even provide you with ways of remembering that seem to not stick. Her way of teaching is necessary for solidifying the groundwork of what you need to know and why you need to know it!”

-Alina Benson, High School English Teacher


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