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Since 2011, English, Math & More has been a one-woman operation delivering private, shame-free learning space for adults and teens needing help exceeding or meeting academic standards necessary for accomplishing academic, professional, or personal success. You can work beyond what’s taught at school, fill in learning gaps, blow exams out the water, or get support with task completion.

If you’re tired of (or want to prevent) hiding from school mates or work colleagues who seem to “get it”; spending time, money, and other resources retesting; and being afraid you won’t be prepared to compete once you complete your current program’s or school’s prescribed regimen–regardless of the institution’s reputation–this may be the place for you.

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Tutoring on a whole New level

Why EMM?

It’s not about gettin’ help with homework, right quick.


Develop different modes of thinking and prioritizing to set yourself up for success, fill learning gaps, get ahead of a learning curve, or make changes in how you process information. Shift from feeling shame and anxiety to feeling pride in proactively and effectively improving reading, writing, speaking, math computation, test performance, goal achievement, and more.

Several Verifiable Cases

Curious about what English/ESL tutoring, algebra tutoring, or science tutoring look like? Is CBEST prep, CSET prep, other test prep, or accountability sessions right for you? Taking a peek at these customers’ needs, locations, program lengths, and results may help you decide.


Let’s get busy getting you over your academic, professional, or personal hurdles.

What Students Say

Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m sorry, but I can only determine that after meeting for a diagnostic session.

When you visit a competent doctor, he or she runs tests, asks questions, and observes you before trying to help you make improvements. Well, the same is true for the work I do. I can’t help you until after I’ve figured out what’s going on with you.

What I can tell you is that, on average, customers use 20 hours.

Currently, you have a choice of two (2) places to meet in Downtown Oakland, one (1) place to meet in East Oakland, and one (1) place to meet in Alameda.

Home visits occur on a ridiculously strict case-by-case basis. They cost a bit more, too, to accommodate for travel time, gas, and vehicle wear.

No. It is a coincidence that I only have photos and recordings of past customers who are speakers of Spanish and Chinese. I’ve worked with speakers of French, Brazilian Portuguese, Wolof, Pulaar, and Kiswahili.

Tutoring & Test Prep Sessions (Online): $49 – $59 per hour
English Lessons (Online): $49 – $59 per hour
Accountability Sessions (Online): $9 per session (Sessions last 2 hours.)
Proofreading: $.02 – $.05 per word
Editing: $.03 – $.06 per word
Audio Transcription: $1.99 – $3.99 per minute

-Each tutoring or test prep customer begins with a comprehensive diagnostic session.
-Written and oral assessments are used to gauge strengths and weaknesses.
-Periodic quizzes are administered; their regularity depends on how often students meet with me or how well students progress.
-Exit exams are administered at the end of students’ programs.

-Be on time.
-Consider shifting your priorities and invest adequate time and energy into getting the results you want.
-Openly communicate your needs, pleasures, and nots.
-Understand that while you may notice improvements as early as the first session, ultimate success will take time, so sustained efforts will be required.



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